Josh Buehler | Executive Chef

                  In the halcyon days of September 1974, President Ford pardoned former President Nixon and Joshua Buehler was born into a then bucolic (relatively) Jamaica Plain.  Early memories of Sidewalk Sam, sledding at Larz Anderson Park and awkwardly negotiating the famed Fenway Trough abound.  The 80’s…oh the 80’s: dodging imperious nuns at school, eating slices and playing Pac-Man at Captain Nemo’s Pizza, staring in wide eyed awe at the punks outside The Rat and watching the general chaos that was old-school Kenmore Square unfold from his father’s apartment deck.  After attending Boston College High School, Josh then traveled north to attend UVM…only to discover that majoring in studio arts with a minor in skiing and going to metal and punk shows in Montreal wasn’t going to bear fruit.  After a self-imposed exile from the Catamount institution, and the need to pay rent, the plunge into the world of restaurants was taken.

            Working his way up from a dishwasher (or “hydro-ceramic engineer” as he likes to call it) to line cook, Josh quickly fell in love with the fast pace, camaraderie and passion of the professional kitchen.  He went on to attend Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI.  While there, he had the opportunity to work in, and tour, Ireland for three months (though St. James’s Gate is a bit of a blur…).  Upon graduating with honors (no big deal…), he went on to work at Boston’s famed Ritz Carlton Hotel, when it was still on the corner of Newbury and Arlington streets.  In the hallowed kitchen of the old Ritz, Joshua’s passion for food took root. It was there, on one sweltering August afternoon, that he looked up from his cutting board and straight into the eyes of Julia Child.  After a stuttering and humbled introduction to a legend, he was hooked.

            Josh went on to The College Club, and from there to Le Soir Bistro.  In the bustling corner restaurant, under Chef Mark Allen, his love for non-pretentious bistro cuisine solidified.  From there, his path led to Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square.  Josh jumped at the chance to finally work under rising star Chef Jamie Bissonnette in what would prove to be the most formative (and crazy) 2 ½ years of his career.  Under Chef Jamie’s watchful eye, Josh’s passion for the arcane art of charcuterie set in.  Chef Bissonnette would later call on Josh to join his team with James Beard Award winner and Iron Chef winner, Chef Ken Oringer, at KO Prime.  Here, Josh would eventually accept the mantle of Executive Chef and for the next 4ish years have the support of a wonderful crew of fellow cooks, who taught him far more than he could ever hope to reciprocate.

            Today, Josh is humbled to have the opportunity to share his craft with you at The Red Raven, where he hopes his love of good food (and beer) can make its nest in beautiful Acton.  Buoyed by the support of his family, lovely wife and precocious pugs (Greggles & Phyllis), he looks forward to celebrating this wonderful new chapter with you!  Cheers!  

Joshua Buehler Executive Chef

Joshua Buehler, Executive Chef, The Red Raven Acton, Joshua Buehler, Executive Chef, The Red Raven Acton,